The adoption of the Mindscreen tools by Gosforth Central Middle School marks the first time the Mindscreen experience® programme has been simultaneously embedded across multiple year groups (Y6, Y7 and Y8). This partnership with Gosforth Central Middle School marks an important milestone in our journey. It has proven that the Mindscreen experience® programme supports pupils’ personal growth at the same time as providing staff with powerful tools, that underpin important school practices such as, managing behavioural incidents, and helping key-workers support SEN pupils.

“Mindscreen has been an excellent tool for both pupils and staff to improve wellbeing and self-awareness. It has allowed our pupils to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their strengths and where they see themselves going in the future. Pupils have commented positively on the programme and have said it has allowed them to acknowledge parts of their personalities in a positive way that they have not been able to before. Mindscreen has also been an insightful tool for staff when dealing with difficult behaviour incidents to allow us to gain further insight into how children respond in certain situations and why”

Rachel Reed, Head of Year 5 & Head of PSHE


  • Gosforth Central Middle School adopted the Mindscreen experience® as a whole-school initiative
  • The entire teaching team received their own personal profile followed up by a 2-hour introduction workshop
  • Fourteen staff delivered the Mindscreen experience® programme within the PSHE curriculum to pupils September through December 2023
  • Their objective was to build upon the personal awareness and skill development of every pupil in the school together with providing staff with useful tools and insights to better understand/encourage individual pupils


“A very powerful tool that helped pupils relate and engage”
“The profiles helped staff start conversations with pupils and break down barriers”
“Effective tool for staff to inform/support behaviour incidents. For example, if a child has shut down, refusing to engage, the pupil’s profile helped staff connect with the pupil and support them to reframe behaviour”
“Helped key-workers support SEN pupils”
“Each pupil’s profile helped staff to get to know them more”
“Staff noticed pupils being amazed when reading their profile because it so accurately represented them”
“The whole idea of Mindscreen aligns well with the school’s values”
“The school has a desire to interweave Mindscreen across the whole curriculum because staff see so many different opportunities in class to link to Mindscreen and support pupils’ learning and development”
“Mindscreen is a powerful tool supporting pupils to develop their self-awareness”
“Pupils learned about themselves, saw themselves from a different perspective”
“The programme helped them understand why they respond to certain things in a particular way”
“It stimulated personal reflection and understanding”
“Pupils discovered what they like about themselves, discovered their positive strengths and attributes”
“Pupils recognised that they are unique and that their peers are unique as well”
“Helped pupils learn about others in their class, get to know their peers and break down barriers”

By fostering self-awareness and self-confidence – crucial indicators of life success and happiness – Mindscreen aims to ensure children have the best start possible in life.

The positive outcomes reported by Gosforth School clearly express the depth of impact our programme has on pupils, staff, and school practices.

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