Great vibes from Gosforth teachers

Exciting feedback from teachers. 

Mindscreen gets an “excellent” report from teachers at Gosforth Central Middle School, Newcastle.

What a wonderful feeling it is to hear from professional educators that your intervention is helping staff as well as their pupils!


  • “Mindscreen has been an excellent tool for both pupils and staff to improve wellbeing and self-awareness.
  • It has allowed our pupils to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their strengths and where they see themselves going in the future.
  • Pupils have commented positively on the programme and have said it has allowed them to acknowledge parts of their personalities in a positive way that they have not been able to before.
  • Mindscreen has also been an insightful tool for staff when dealing with difficult behaviour incidents to allow us to gain further insight into how children respond in certain situations and why.” Rachel Reed, Head of Year 5 & Head of PSHE, Gosforth Central Middle School
School with forward-thinking teachers

A BIG shout-out to Gosforth teachers!

  • Without your enthusiasm and unending focus on the needs of the children in your care none of these very positive outcomes would have occurred. It is so exciting to be collaborating with forward-thinkers like you! I cannot wait to discover how we will progress further.  Gav Devereux
Boy in front of microphone thanking teachers

I am so proud of this outcome!

This is an outstanding achievement for me personally because when I was young I believed I was a stupid boy and would never amount to anything!

I was thirty something before a mentor helped me understand that I did not have to continue thinking about myself in this way!

I could change my mind.

Therefore, it is so fulfilling for me to know that our tools give teachers (and parents) ways to help their children think about themselves in a positive way from an earlier age!

If you are interested and have 2-3 extra minutes you can read our full announcement here.

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Helping Children Flourish

Gav Devereux

Author bio

Being diagnosed with dyslexia, labelled remedial, and regularly told that I was a “stupid boy” affected my self-esteem.

Worse still, I carried low self-worth into my adult life. Yet, later, when I learned how to challenge my destructive mindset, I began to feel happier.

I thought, if I can change my way of thinking, anyone can!

And so, in 1996 I founded Mindscreen and began developing resources to help children to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.

That’s how the Mindscreen experience® came into being. I hope it helps your children as much as it has helped me!