Is your child anxious or depressed?

Identifying signs of low esteem, depression & anxiety in children without assessment can be tricky!

Find out with our free 5-minute check.

(assess your child without involving them)

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Is your child demonstrating signs of anxiety or low self-esteem?

No need to involve your child at first – take our 5-minute check and determine your child’s self-esteem level.

These questions have been carefully selected by our team to quickly identify areas of concern.

The free child self-esteem report you receive will help you plan your next steps and get your child on the path to higher self-confidence and raised aspirations.

Teacher and parent encouraging child to build self-esteem

How can we help you?

Mindscreen helps parents and teachers whose children show signs of low self-esteem by providing a practical online toolkit of support, in the form of personalised assessments, tailored lessons, and motivational games and plans, which encourage positive behaviour and engagement in study and communication.

Instances of low self-esteem and anxiety in children are increasing. The good news is that we can help both adults and children to feel empowered and equipped with genuine skills to support an ongoing pattern of positive self-worth.

Start with our free 5-minute check! It’s quick and it will help you to get an insight into your child’s well-being needs immediately.

Start learning about your child’s emotional health

Take our free self-esteem check

36 quick questions for you to answer on behalf of your child, to help identify signs of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety in children.

Get your report

You’ll receive a free personalised report about your child’s self-esteem level with further recommended actions.

Take the Full Mindscreen experience® with your child

You have the choice to continue the process and get your child involved to complete the full programme.

Build your personalised action plan

Our tools equip you to support your child on a continuous basis with a series of powerful and practical steps.

Parent thinking about how to help their child with low esteem and anxiety

What are the benefits of the self-esteem check?

  • In just a few minutes you will gain critical insight into your child’s emotional well-being.
  • There’s no need to involve your child at this point, so you’re in control.
  • Immediate results, no lengthy wait for a specialist – we have done the work for you.
  • You’ll be equipped with the knowledge of what your child now needs and can then go on to support them with the Full Mindscreen experience® package.

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Reviews / Testimonials

Ease of assessment completion

“The initial free check is straight forward and took only a few minutes, with insightful and helpful information. The full assessment is an in-depth analysis that uses appropriate and engaging language for children and parents.”

Mrs Law, parent of Oli, 13

Benefit to child

“Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations”

Kevin Lowdon, University of Glasgow

“Wow! I think the information gathered from the survey is very insightful. I think this is really cool .”

Sarah Catchpole – pupil

Benefit to parents and teachers

“The Mindscreen programme assists us to identify the issues that may be affecting our child and advises on what we, as parents, can do to support our child”

David Gray – parent

About Us

With the support of specialist researchers and psychologists, we know how to identify key areas of concern in the emotional health of children and young people. We pride ourselves in being able to provide parent, teacher and child with the skills and framework to grow higher self-worth and confidence. Through our quick 36 question check, you’ll determine your child’s level of self-esteem and know what steps to take next.

Founder Gavin Devereux says, ‘Mindscreen offers parents, teachers, and carers a unique early intervention pathway. The assessment programme helps adults to protect their children from anxiety and depression and unlocks their potential through building their self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem.’