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How old does my child need to be?
Your child’s chronological age is less important than their reading age
  • Mindscreen experience® is for all children with a reading age of 11 or higher
What do I tell my child before they start?
Tell them:
  • You’d like them to answer the online questions at home
  • They should be alone when they answer
  • To allow approximately 30 minutes
  • You would like them to use a desktop or laptop
  • To complete the questions in one uninterrupted sitting
Notes for parents & carers:
  • Make sure they’re are not distracted or disturbed
  • Be certain they won’t be influenced by others
  • Ensure they use a big screen
  • Prepare a “static” & calm environment for them
Is everything clearly explained in simple terms?
Yes. Everything is easily readable and understandable for your child
  • Your children will be able to follow all the instructions with ease
We’ve made everything simple for parents and carers to understand too
  • You’ll know what to do and how to do it quickly and easily
Do I need any special knowledge?
No. You don’t need any specialist knowledge
  • The entire system is designed to be easy to understand and to use
  • Your child’s profile uses jargon-free language
  • The lesson plans are simple to follow and fun to deliver
  • Everything is clear and straight-forward
What learning support materials do I get?
You get three handouts, a booklet, and 9 lesson plans


  • Each handout is a 1-page description of why each self-skill is important and how to build it
    • Self-awareness 
    • Self-esteem 
    • Self-confidence 


  • The “Discovering More About Yourself & Others” booklet, which explains how to get the most from your child’s profile

Lesson plans

  • Each of the 9 lesson plans comes with a corresponding learner diary. This is important, because it helps your child to organise their thoughts and feelings and keep a record of their learning
    • easyAwareness
    • easyBelief
    • easyConfidence
    • easySkills
    • easyStudyChoice
    • easyCareerChoice
    • easyCV
    • easyFuture
    • easyFeedback
What do I do if I need advice?
We’re here to help
  • All you need to do is ask
Is the Mindscreen experience® assessment validated?
Yes, using Cronbach’s alpha (α)
Is your website mobile friendly?
  • All our web pages resize on different devices
Note for parents & carers
  • Using a “big screen” and being more “static” when accessing the account area and answering the online questions is better, because it promotes a calmer environment for your child (and you)
What is your privacy policy?
We are committed to your privacy

You can view our privacy statement here.

Is your website secure?
  • We have a secure connection using secure socket layer (SSL) protection.
Is your website ever off-line?
Only for scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance is completed bi-monthly
  • We generally do maintenance UK evening time
  • Maintenance lasts between 2-6 hours
  • Advance notification is posted on your account dashboard
Tell me about your no-risk money back guarantee
Our guarantee is simple:
  • We offer a “no questions asked” 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us, and we’ll give you a full refund.

We’d like to help every child for free, but unfortunately our pockets are not deep enough! So we’ve done our best to build in real value and make Mindscreen experience® effective and affordable for everyone


What are my payment options?
We offer you two payment options
  • Online via PayPal
  • Online via Debit/Credit Card
What is your refund policy?
Our refund policy is simple:
  • Email us to request your refund
  • We process all refunds within 3 working days of receiving email request
  • We refund via PayPal (for all PayPal purchases)
  • We refund via bank-to-bank transfer (for all credit/debit card purchases)
Do I need to know anything else?
Yes. If you have more than one child it’s a good idea to involve them all, because:
  • Nobody feels singled out or left out
  • Your children will understand each other’s differences and get on better
  • They’ll be able to learn from each other
It’s also very useful for you to join in and get your own Mindscreen experience® profile, because:
  • You’ll get insights about yourself and how your child perceives you
  • You’ll see how you differ from your children
  • You’ll be better equipped to adapt toward the individual needs of your children
  • You’ll see the online questions before your child and know how easy they’ll find them.
    • Just remember – you’ll be answering questions designed for children
Remember to let your children know:
  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • There are no good or bad styles
  • Everyone is unique and different

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