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Getting started

Do I need any special knowledge?


  • The entire system is designed to be easy to understand and to use
  • Each child’s profile uses jargon-free language
  • The lesson plans are simple to follow and fun to deliver
Is everything clearly explained?


  • Children will be able to follow all the instructions with ease
  • You’ll know what to do and how to do it quickly and easily
What's included in my child's profile?

Your child’s Mindscreen experience® profile combines two different assessments:

  • Behavioural
  • Motivational

The behavioural assessment includes the following insights:

  • About Me
  • My Wants & Needs
  • How I See Myself
  • My Interaction Likes
  • My Interaction Dislikes
  • The Natural & Adapted Me/The Success Insights® Wheel
  • My Success Tips

The motivational assessment includes the following insights:

  • My Skills Insights
  • My Study Choice Insights
  • My Career Choice Insights
What do I tell children before they start?

Tell them:

  • To be alone when they answer the assessments
  • To allow 30 minutes
  • To use a desktop or laptop
  • To complete the questions in one uninterrupted sitting

Notes for parents & teachers:


  • Make sure they’re not distracted or disturbed
  • Be certain they won’t be influenced by others
  • Ensure they use a big screen
  • Prepare a “static” & calm environment for them
What learning support materials do I get?

3 Handouts

Each handout is a 1-page description of why each self-skill is important and how to build it:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confidence

1 Booklet

The “Discovering More About Yourself & Others” booklet explains how to get the most from children’s profiles.

9 Lesson plans (plus the easyFeedback & easyCheckup guides)

Each lesson plan comes with a corresponding learner diary. These diaries are important because they help children to organise their thoughts and feelings and keep a record of their learning:


  • easyAwareness
  • easyBelief
  • easyConfidence
  • easySkills
  • easyStudyChoice
  • easyCareerChoice
  • easyCV
  • easySuccess
  • easyFuture


  • easyFeedback
  • easyCheckup
Do I need to know anything else?

Yes. It’s a good idea to involve all your children because:

  • No one feels singled out or left out
  • The children will understand each other’s differences and get on better
  • They’ll be able to learn from each other

It’s also very useful for you to join in and get your own Mindscreen experience® profile because:


  • You’ll get insights about yourself
  • You’ll see how you differ from your children
  • You’ll be better equipped to adapt to the individual needs of your children
  • You’ll see the online questions first and understand how easy they’ll be for children
  • Just remember – you’ll be answering questions designed for children

Additional info

Is your website secure?


  • We have a secure connection using secure socket layer (SSL) protection
What is your privacy policy?

We are committed to your privacy.

Is the Mindscreen experience® assessment validated?

Yes, using Cronbach’s alpha (α).

Is your website ever off-line?

Only for scheduled maintenance:

  • Maintenance is completed bi-monthly
  • Advance notification is posted on your account dashboard
What are my payment options?

We offer you two payment options:

  • Checkout and pay via Debit/Credit Card
  • Checkout and Request an invoice and pay via bank-to-bank transfer (BACS)

Can’t find the answer?

We’ll be delighted to help.