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Powerful and practical resources for teachers and parents encouraging higher self-confidence and raised aspirations in children aged 11 upwards.

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Mindscreen – we help children find their stride

Our enlightening programme helps children to recognise their skills, interests, talents, and strengths and provides you with tools and step-by-step guides to support them to develop mental-courage and resilience.

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36 quick questions for you to answer on behalf of your child, to help identify signs of low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression in children.

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Our tools equip you to support your child on a continuous basis with a series of powerful and practical steps.

The benefits of the Full Mindscreen experience®

  • Deeper insight into your child’s emotional strengths and needs
  • Identify skills, interests, and patterns of behaviour. See example
  • Practical, expert advice and guides to build your own home or school support plan
  • Detailed assessment and tools providing you with a framework to help your child gain higher self-esteem
  • Recommendations to promote and nurture positive personality traits

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Mindscreen experience® – the benefits for teachers

Get the best out of your pupils by unlocking their potential.

Through following our carefully tailored assessments and set of inspiring lesson plans, you will see confidence grow, as well as increased development in communication, initiative, and planning skills.

Mindscreen’s toolkit for teachers fits any class size, enabling you to help each and every child to unlock their potential, regardless of their academic ability.

The engaging and thought-provoking exercises and activities will motivate and encourage your class and make teaching them even more enjoyable.

Pupils report a clearer insight into their skills and abilities, as well as improved focus, increased motivation, and higher aspirations.

Mindscreen experience® – the benefits for parents

We will equip you with the tools to engage children in their learning and personal advancement, getting them on the right path early on.

You’ll not only develop a deeper understanding and get insights into your child’s needs, but you’ll discover how enriching it is to take our toolkit and make it your own. Mindscreen gives you, the parent, the framework to support your child on a continuous basis, with a series of empowering and practical steps.

Instances of low self-esteem and depression in children are increasing. The good news is that we can help you encourage your child to move away from negative patterns of behaviour and thought, through recognising their own individual skills and abilities and building their self-confidence and resilience.

Reviews / Testimonials

Ease of assessment completion

“The initial free check is straight forward and took only a few minutes, with insightful and helpful information. The full assessment is an in-depth analysis that uses appropriate and engaging language for children and parents.”

Mrs Law, parent of Oli, 13

Benefit to child

“Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations.”

Kevin Lowdon, University of Glasgow

“Wow! I think the information gathered from the survey is very insightful. I think this is really cool .”

Sarah Catchpole – pupil

Benefit to parents and teachers

“I recommend Mindscreen because it is such an insightful tool for teachers, for pupils, and for parents.”

Ian McCracken – former teacher

About Us

Mindscreen provides the toolkit to empower families and teachers to take control of negative patterns of behaviour and work towards building self-esteem and motivation in children and young people. Our assessments and further bespoke insights tailored to your child’s needs will equip you with the tools to help them get on the path toward higher self-confidence and raised aspirations.

Founder Gavin Devereux says, ‘Mindscreen offers parents, teachers, and carers a unique early intervention pathway. Our programme helps adults to protect their children from anxiety and depression and unlocks their potential through building their self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem.’