Know & develop your child's self-worth

(and nip child depression in the bud without involving strangers or expensive experts)

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Develop your child's self-esteem

(75% of children don’t get the appropriate early intervention they need)


There is no safer place than home and no one your child loves and trusts more than you – this makes you the ideal teacher and your home the perfect classroom!

Mindscreen experience® is a shortcut into your child’s inner thoughts & feelings

(it’s a personality profile & all the tools you need to help your child develop their self-awareness, esteem & confidence)

Ideal for families with children who have a reading age of 11+

Inclusive and affordable

Child involvement and growth for a fraction of the cost of one-to-one experts. Learn more

Unique personality profile

A great way to learn instantly about your child’s self-image. 14 pages of insights for your child (and for you). See a sample

Self-skills assessment

Immediate insights about your child’s self-confidence, self-motivation, self-belief & self-worth. 

Self-confident child

Engaging and effective

Proven to increase confidence and raise aspirations. See proof 

Tools to build self-esteem

Effective, easy-to-use resources, equipping you to help your child to build their self-worth and tackle depression or anxiety.

Ideal for home use

Helps your child to relax and open up in a familiar and safe environment.

9 easy-to-follow lesson plans

Perfect for home use and full of exciting games & activities, all designed to build self-awareness & self-respect. See a summary

Simple to use in every way

Jargon-free, straight-forward, secure and private.

Research you can rely on

First developed over 15 years ago, together with government and university involvement. See research

Happy & confident child

Improvement measurement

See at a glance how far your child has come. They’ll be encouraged & motivated to keep going when they see their progress too!

Secure online account

Your privacy is protected. Straight forward dashboard – easy to see what to do and how to get started.

No-risk money back guarantee

Peace of mind for you and your family. Read guarantee

Mindscreen experience®

A new way to build your child’s self-worth and fight child depression & anxiety!

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine

Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS

Founder of computer science

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Many people limit themselves. Mindscreen taught me how to build my self-belief so that I could go as far as I wanted

Ben Addison

Former Pupil, Milne's High School

I take every opportunity I can to introduce parents and carers to Mindscreen’s tools as they’re such a unique benefit to young people

Ian McCracken

Former Learning Resources Manager, Govan High School

I’ve often wondered how my life would be today if I hadn’t had the good fortune to discover Mindscreen

Martin McDermid

Former Pupil, Wester Hailes Education Centre

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