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Support your children along their journey toward higher self-esteem and improved prospects, at home or in the classroom, with powerful and practical resources.

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Help your child develop positive patterns of behaviour

Mindscreen’s enlightening assessments will help you understand and connect with your child on a deeper level, discovering their wants and needs and who they are as individuals. You’ll see their self-esteem and confidence grow as you use our practical tools and work through the engaging lessons together.

Is Mindscreen experience® right for you & your child?

Aimed specifically at 11-16 year olds, Mindscreen experience® gives you profound insights into your child’s inner thoughts and feelings and the resources to help them build their self-belief and unlock their potential.

For your child, the programme boosts mental-courage and the determination to succeed during good and bad times.

Building resilience and confidence in children together! Our framework – your love and support.

Our family packages

Kristie Prada, mum to 8 year-old boy

“So valuable! We are halfway through the programme now and I am finding it as useful as my son! He’s only 8 but he is learning so much about himself. What his strengths are, where his natural ability lies. It’s all combining to give him more confidence. I feel like every child should have access to this.”

  • Mindscreen experience® - Child Package


    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 1

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  • Mindscreen experience® - Children Package


    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 2

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  • Mindscreen experience® Family Package


    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 3

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  • Mindscreen - Improve family dynamics


    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 4

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Our teacher packages

Abigail Hawkins, SEN Consultant, SENDCOSolutions.

“Mindscreen have developed an incredibly useful program for secondary schools who are asking, “what interventions can I put in place for my students with SEMH and how can I measure progress?” Simple, straightforward and a combination of computer and human, it’s not often I come across something that is refreshingly different and fills a gaping hole in the SEN assessment process.”

  • Group

    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 10

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  • GroupPlus

    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 40

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  • GroupMaxi

    Mindscreen experience® - a toolkit for 100

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Institutions who have supported our work

The science behind the Mindscreen experience®

The Mindscreen experience® assessments incorporate globally recognised behavioural and motivational research and methodology. Successful companies have been using these proven practices to inform and support staff development plans for decades.

Mindscreen’s founder, Gavin Devereux, was so inspired by the power of these enlightening tools in the 1980s and 1990s that he decided to form a company and partner with a leading international assessment organisation to launch his own similar programme designed especially for children aged 11 upwards.

Gavin says, “Mindscreen experience® equips parents and teachers with the resources to build confidence in children through raising their self-understanding, self-belief, and esteem.”

What results can you expect?

You’ll get a richer appreciation of your child’s likes, dislikes, skills, strengths, and talents, straight-away.​

Crucially, you’ll learn about the communication approach that most appeals to your child, helping you to form a closer bond with them.

You’ll discover new ways of working with your child and identify what motivates and inspires them, as well as gain insight into what patterns of behaviour have been established and how to manage or change these, for the better.

For your child, the programme boosts self-awareness and confidence and helps you guide them along their journey toward higher self-esteem and raised aspirations.

Reviews / Testimonials

Ease of assessment completion

“The initial free check is straight forward and took only a few minutes, with insightful and helpful information. The full assessment is an in-depth analysis that uses appropriate and engaging language for children and parents”

Mrs Law, parent of Oli, 13

Benefit to child

“Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations”

Kevin Lowdon, University of Glasgow

“Wow! I think the information gathered from the survey is very insightful. I think this is really cool”

Sarah Catchpole – pupil

Benefit to parents and teachers

“The Mindscreen programme assists us to identify the issues that may be affecting our child and advises on what we, as parents, can do to support our child.”

David Gray – parent

About Us

Mindscreen Founder, Gavin Devereux, left school at 16 and as a young man was desperate for any opportunity to get ahead. Continually turned down for jobs and living rough, life was a struggle. A transformative application came his way via an American company, who ran their own behaviour and motivation assessment on new employees. Gavin was given the job based on the belief in the strength and validity of their assessment, something which completely altered his life and formed the basis of his own venture, Mindscreen, for young people.

Gavin says, ‘Mindscreen offers parents, teachers, and carers a unique early intervention pathway. Our assessment and development programme helps you to protect your children from anxiety & depression through raising self-awareness and building confidence in children.’