This one is the perfect choice for a family of three.

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Mindscreen experience® – a toolkit for 3

Parent note: It’s very useful to join in and get your own Mindscreen experience® profile because you’ll see how you differ from your children and be better equipped to adapt to their individual needs.

The Mindscreen experience® Toolkit for 3 includes:

A. Three Personality Profiles full of insights that help your children (and you) to better understand:

  • How they see themselves
  • What their natural skills are
  • How they prefer to communicate
  • Their strengths & talents
  • What their motivational wants & needs are
  • Their ideal study & career options

B. Smart, easy-to-use tools and lesson plans for you to help your children to:

  • Build their self-awareness
  • Develop their self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Choose study & career pathways they’re more likely to enjoy
  • Determine what their goals & aspirations are
  • Unlock their potential

C. A way for you to measure your children’s level of confidence over time.