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A note from our founder

Over the past 30+ years several destructive factors have rooted themselves into society, our communities, and our lives. At first we didn’t notice the effects because they crept up on us. But there’s no denying them today.

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Widespread gaming & social media addiction, cyber bullying, negative labelling, overuse of prescription drugs, and disintegration of the family unit are individually and collectively damaging our children’s self-worth.

Instances of low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression in children are increasing (Centre for Longitudinal Studies; Mental ill-health among children of the new century). Support services can’t cope. 

The good news is world leaders are aware of the challenges, but we all know that a ship like the Titanic is slow to turn, meaning it could be years before high level policy change filters through into our everyday lives.

So it seems, at least for the immediate future, that it’s up to us to take action ourselves to shield and uphold our children’s self-worth.

The Mindscreen experience® toolkit for parents and teachers will help you support your children to develop their self-esteem and unlock their potential.

Sincerely yours

Gav Devereux

P.S. Start with our Free Child Self-Esteem Check. It’s a way to assess your child’s esteem without involving them.

Our credentials

Real-life experience
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Why us?

Our founder understands your worries and knows how your children feel, because he is a dad and personally struggled with low self-worth as a child. 

He said: “I was put in the remedial class at school, and my mum and dad were informed that I was Dyslexic. I reached adulthood before I realised how being regularly told that I was a “stupid boy” and would “never amount to anything” had affected me as a child!

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I discovered I didn’t have to continue to think about myself in these ways, I could change my mind! 

After building up my self-worth I noticed I was happier, healthier, and more motivated. And so the idea to invent easy-to-use tools to help future generations to build up their self-esteem and self-confidence was born”. 

Mindscreen experience® is based on real experiences and proven solutions.

Why our tools?

Because our Mindscreen experience® tools are based on good, old fashioned research and development.

Every element is built on real conclusions you can trust. And each aspect has been proven and validated step-by-step.

What makes us proud?

We’re extremely proud and…
Honoured to have helped hundreds of young people to build up their self-awareness and unlock their potential.

Being a small part of their success is truly fulfilling.

“What a fantastic resource to have for both parents, carers and schools to access. This really is an insightful experience that I am in the process of completing with my child” 
Michelle O’Connor, mum to her 10-year-old son

How can we help you?

We equip you with the tools to understand your children on a deeper level.

Our in-depth set of analysis, tools and advice will help your children develop their self-awareness and self-worth through learning about their unique skills, interests, and talents.

The detailed, bespoke assessments, motivational games and guides you get will empower you to support your child on their journey to raised self-understanding, higher self-esteem, and improved prospects.

Our comprehensive programme will help you to protect your children from anxiety and depression and unlock their potential through building their self-belief and self-confidence.