Motivation effects!

Endless energy is one outcome of high motivation. 

Heightened motivation also supports initiative, determination, inspiration, and enthusiasm. In other words, increased motivation helps people to be creative, keep going, and achieve more!

On the other hand, boredom, frustration, evasion, and lack of energy are outcomes of low motivation.

The behaviours associated with high motivation are often described as passion, drive, and ambition, and conversely, behaviours associated with low motivation are often mistakenly described as laziness. However, this is not the case because no one is lazy!

  • Everyone has stimulus within them. It is just a matter of uncovering it!

In both cases, we only see the effects of motivation (high or low). Without greater insight, we cannot easily understand what is causing the person to be motivated or demotivated.

Fog revealing trees indicating that motivation is within us all, we just need to find it

Motivation comes from within!

High motivation occurs when a person’s environment, activities, and interests align with their values. As a result, they gain satisfaction and feel fulfilled by what they do.

Low motivation occurs when a person’s environment and activities conflict with their interests and values. Therefore, they feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled by what they do.

A life filled with motivation can translate into happiness; conversely, demotivation can lead to sadness.

  • Let us face it; nobody would purposely choose sadness over happiness!

So why are there so many demotivated, unhappy people in society today? Could it be that today’s modern world is getting in the way and preventing more and more people from tapping into their passion?

We all know what demotivation looks like in others (sometimes we may look that way too). We see someone who appears unfriendly, disinterested, unhelpful, obstructive, and occasionally aggressive.

We all recognise high motivation when we see it as well! It looks dynamic, full of excitement, energy, and happiness.

Happy motivated woman

Both types of motivation are infectious!

Destructive behaviours such as those described above get in the way of constructive interaction, or worse still, caustic behaviours can negatively infect others.

On the other hand, positive interactions provide each party with a boost!


  • Therefore, upbeat motivation leads to happier interactions and outcomes, which is good for us all!
Man with motivation walking past Graffiti

Finding our mojo!

Knowing what we become passionate about is a vital first step to unlocking our motivation.

This means getting to know ourselves and uncovering our dislikes besides our likes.

  • It is about discovering what we love to do because doing what we love makes us happy!

Finding out what we get passionate about is crucial because it can mean the difference between a life of dissatisfaction or personal fulfilment.

Obviously, the latter is preferable!

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