Change or wither slowly!

Is change scary or liberating? 

Both in my experience, but that is not all. Thoughts of change can paralyse us or mobilise us! 

Paralysis is sitting on the fence, feeling unable to move. We think about what could happen when stepping off in either direction, and indecision is unhealthy.

However, doing nothing is not an option. We must act because constant worry erodes our confidence and negatively affects our emotional well-being.

  • “Action…is the enemy of thought.” Joseph Conrad

In other words, the fear of change begins to dissolve the minute we act.

Making a change in life can be easy, but deciding what to do, which way to go, can be challenging!

Movie sign symbolising that change requires action

Wait, change has other ingredients too!

Pain and pleasure play a leading role in change. Hope and fulfilment are in the equation too. 

Let me explain. 

Most people sit on the fence and do nothing unless it becomes too painful. Equally, no action will be taken if the pleasure and hope for the future are not intense enough. 

Imagine the below scenario. You will see what I mean: 

  • “I do not like where I live anymore, but it is bearable.” – Not enough pain or desire for change, therefore no action.

In other words, displeasure, annoyance, and unhappiness are present in the above situation, but not enough to make a change. Similarly, hope for a more desirable future is not strong enough to cause action. 

However, remaining in this position can lead to increased frustration and disappointment. Worse still, happiness and fulfilment are slowly worn away. 

Flowers withering symbmolising that change protects our emotional state from decline

Change or wither slowly! 

  • Hanging onto something because it is endurable is emotional suicide! 

However, it is not a quick kill.

It affects our psyche little by little. Therefore, we may not notice the change in our well-being until it is too late!

Person jumping off a cliff symbolising that to change we must let go of the past

Liberation comes from letting go. 

I am not saying that action liberates us from fear altogether, but it helps!  

It refocuses the mind toward a positive outcome, which gives us the strength to keep going. 

Expecting obstacles on the way is helpful too, because anticipating problems helps us deal with them when they arise. 

  • Happiness and the feeling of fulfilment are the highest rewards! 

We must ask ourselves what is worse:

  • “Stay put and feel unhappy or take a risk to secure a more fulfilling future?

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