Is perseverance within everyone’s grasp? 

They say perseverance is about keeping going, even in the face of strong opposition! But we all know how tough that can be!

Perseverance can be likened to swimming against the tide upstream. Just as you think you are getting ahead, you get washed back down!

It often feels like we have no control – our efforts to achieve are thwarted at every step.

The pain can be so acute and our energy can be so low, that thoughts of giving up can take over. But giving in means the end of our efforts to develop perseverance!


  • We must not allow our thoughts and emotions to stop us!
  • We must find the willpower to keep going because happier days are ahead if we continue fighting!  
Hand in the air showing that perseverance is within everyone's grasp

Perseverance is about overpowering the opposing forces!

Perseverance is hard to develop because of the forces involved. We cannot see them, but we can feel them! These forces push us and pull us. We seem to be at their mercy.

It can feel as if things will never improve and our life will not change for the better.

Perseverance is an ongoing battle!

At some stage, one force will become the victor! We must not surrender! We must not give in!

  • Otherwise, the forces that are opposing us will win!

Our job is to keep going, keep swimming upstream until we over-power the opposing forces.

  • That is perseverance.

And I can say with absolute certainty that perseverance is vital for happiness because I have experienced the turn-around, the tipping point. This is the point where things change.

Waves showing how the tide changes with Perseverance

The rewards are unbelievable!

The greatest thing about perseverance is the feeling you get when the tide turns. When you overcome the opposing forces! When you tip things in your favour.

It feels like a whirlwind! From struggling to keep your head above water to SUDDENLY being washed (at great speed) toward the thing you desire!

Perseverance is vital for success and happiness!

I hoped perseverance was an actual phenomenon, but I was not convinced until now. Today, I can say that I genuinely believe. I know that perseverance exists and that better times are around the corner if only I can hang on long enough – if I persevere.

Silhouette punching the air showing that perseverance is important for success and happiness

Keep on keeping on!

Tough times are inevitable. We all have them. The desire for a happier life is within us all too!

  • Hanging on (no matter what) is the key to developing perseverance. It really is as simple as that!

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