Mind-bomb disposal

What is a Mind-bomb, and how do we dispose of it? 

The negative thoughts we have about ourselves turn into self-limiting beliefs, a Mind-bomb as I like to call it!

These Mind-bombs linger in our subconscious in readiness for the right moment to ruin opportunities and stunt personal growth.  

We all hear the voice in our head – no exceptions!

This voice is our subconscious speaking!

  • It serves up our inner thoughts and feelings and “tells” us (based upon our beliefs about ourselves) “why” we can or cannot achieve the thing we are dreaming of.

It can be reassuring and encouraging or rob us of our motivation and confidence.  

  • The reassuring voice is brilliant! It is enabling, supportive, and constructive. On the other hand, the destructive voice is awful. It is hurtful, draining, and depressing.

I know the two sides of this coin very well, especially the dark side!

Being overshadowed by destructive thoughts for much of my life, I have learned to recognise damaging self-talk when I hear it! But that is not all. I have also figured out how to neutralise it!

I am not saying I never have destructive thoughts nowadays because that is untrue. However, I have learned how to manage negativity when it surfaces – and I am a simple guy who fell out of school with zero qualifications!

Therefore, if I can teach myself how to manage my destructive thoughts, anyone can!

Woman holding head fighting a Mind-bomb

Mind-bomb making!

I have learned that thoughts turn into beliefs and that beliefs drive our behaviour. 

For example, fostering a belief that “we are not as capable as others” can cause us to behave in a way that is inferior to others!

  • This is an example of a mind-bomb, a belief that needs to be defused because it is harmful and debilitating.
  • Without action, underachievement is the outcome!  

Disposing of a Mind-bomb is tricky but not impossible!

However, mastering this will lead to greater happiness and fulfilment in life.

But before I describe how to dispose of a Mind-bomb, let us talk about the Ah-buts. The Ah-buts feed the fire that creates the Mind-bomb.

People removing a bomb symbolising the importance of disposing of a Mind-bomb

There are two types of Ah-buts to be aware of!

Type one – our self-talk. A damaging thought that we have about ourselves and/or our ability.

This Ah-but is self-destructive and can cause us to give up or give in (even before we get started).

Here are some examples:

  • “Ah-but I am not smart enough.”
  • “Ah-but I do not have any experience.”
  • “Ah-but I do not have the skills.”  

Type two – comments from others. A destructive comment from another person.

  • “Ah-but you will never make it.”
  • “Ah-but you are not good enough.”
  • “Ah-but others have tried and failed – you will too.”  

This Ah-but can be considered worse than type one because (innocently or not) someone else is infecting our mind with destructive thoughts

We must not allow the comments of others to affect our state of mind, steal our dream, or rob our confidence.

The essential thing to realise about both types of “Ah-buts” is that:

  • They are both within our control!

Type one – you are the master of your own thoughts. In other words, you decide what to think!

Type two – you must guard your dreams against negativity. In other words, be careful who you share your dreams and desires with!

Ask sign symbolising questions are required to uncover Mind-bombs

Mind-bomb disposal.

Here is how it works:

  1. Ask yourself if your thoughts are constructive or destructive.
  2. Reframe or replace each destructive thought with a constructive alternative.
  3. Continually think about the new positive thought until you believe it.
  4. Constantly praise yourself for behaving in line with your positive thoughts and beliefs.
  5. Fight hard to uphold the positive when negative thoughts and beliefs from your past arise.
  6. Only share your dreams and desires with “trusted advisors”.

I would describe myself as a late developer because it has taken me many years to figure out how to dispose of my personal Mind-bombs! I only wish I had known how to do it when I was younger!

I imagine a time when it becomes commonplace for mums, dads, and teachers to pay it forward at home and in school so future generations can develop a healthy mindset earlier in life.

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Author bio

Being diagnosed with dyslexia, labelled remedial, and regularly told that I was a “stupid boy” affected my self-esteem.

Worse still, I carried low self-worth into my adult life. Yet, later, when I learned how to challenge my destructive mindset, I began to feel happier.

I thought, if I can change my way of thinking, anyone can!

And so, in 1996 I founded Mindscreen and began developing resources to help children to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.

That’s how the Mindscreen experience® came into being. I hope it helps your children as much as it has helped me!