Negative Labelling

Negative labelling is damaging!

Low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety in children are spreading at an alarming pace!

But what are the causes?

Recent reports blame social media addiction and cyberbullying, but I don’t think that’s the whole story!

Undoubtedly there is some truth in these reports, but I’m convinced negative labelling is affecting our children’s self-esteem and confidence too.

Negative labelling needs reform!

Here’s why;

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Recent research shows that children described as having a mental “disorder” are several times more likely to develop anxiety or depression.

This isn’t surprising, but it is really worrying because there seems to be a negative label for everything today! Mood disorder, conduct disorder, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We all get the picture, whether we like it or not!

Why immediate action is vital!

It’s known that low self-esteem in childhood is directly related to obesity, unemployment, and mental distress in adulthood. 

This means that the future for children who go without the appropriate early intervention doesn’t look healthy, because many will carry depression into later life!

Alarmingly, 75% of the children who need help don’t receive it. This is because schools aren’t yet equipped, and public services are already overwhelmed!

So where do we begin?

Pressing the “delete” key and banning the use of the word “disorder” will be a great start!

In short, negative labelling has to go!

At the very least, the focus of the label has to change from negative to positive!

Emphasising the positive attributes rather than highlighting the negative ones will be a leap forward. Children will be far more likely to develop constructive self-beliefs rather than thinking “there’s something wrong with me”.

Imagine how this simple change will impact their future prospects!  

For example, ADHD could become HEAM

When I thought about the positive attributes of ADHD rather than focussing on the drawbacks, ADHD became HEAM, “High Energy Active Mind”. 

There’s no question that the mental state of a child labelled HEAM will be much more positive than when labelled ADHD.   

Other people’s perception of them would change too!

My view is that all labels thought to be “destructive” need to be reformed because our children’s happiness depends on it!

Join the cause, start at home!

The time to reframe negative labels into positive alternatives has arrived!

To begin with we’ll have to do it ourselves, because it might take a while for the “powers that be” to catch up!

We can start at home, for the benefit of our own family.

Our job is to help our children create positive self-beliefs now, so they can grow up and lead happy fullfilled lives!

There’s no time to waste, let’s take action, our children will thank us for it!

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