Motivating teenagers

Motivating teenagers – the first steps!

As parents, our aim is to help our children avoid the mistakes that we made when we were young. We want to see them develop into happy, successful adults. But motivating teenagers can be really tricky! Let’s face it, we know this because we were all teenagers once.

We’re all different and motivated by different things. For example, what motivates you might switch me off!

On top of that, some of us (including me) are guilty of attempting to influence our teenagers to our way of thinking. This is not a terrible crime, but it can mean that our teenagers adopt our values and beliefs out of respect and love for us, rather than uncover their own.

Motivating teenagers – step one – who am I?

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Fulfilment comes from doing the things that we personally value in life and from satisfying our own wants and needs. The issue is that what makes you happy in life may be very different from what fulfils your teenager. Therefore, it’s really important to help them figure themselves out, because true motivation comes from within.

In other words, motivating teenagers is about helping them to discover what inspires them.

But that’s not all!

Motivation is like a magnet, it can push you away as well as attract you. Hence, motivating teenagers is about helping them to learn what repels them, as well as what they are drawn toward.

Step two – look for the signs!

When you see a motivated person, you know it! Motivated people are bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement. Motivation is like opening a fizzy drink, the sound is explosive, and the energy can’t wait to get out. True motivation is easy to spot!

Step three – encourage, encourage, encourage!

There are no lazy teenagers, just demotivated teenagers! Demotivation looks like apathy and a lack of energy. However, when teenagers are motivated we see an immediate increase in their determination, excitement, and energy levels.

It’s important to encourage teenagers to follow their dreams because it’ll help them achieve in adulthood.

Motivating teenagers is about helping them uncover their desires and encouraging them to believe in themselves!

Easier said than done!

Up until recent times, uncovering these hidden drivers in teenagers has not been so easy. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get more than a few words, let alone know what’s going on inside their minds!

What’s inside your teenager’s mind?

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