Life after COVID

Life after COVID

I’ve been thinking about life after COVID and wondering what the long-term effects could be? However, my thoughts seem to have created more questions than answers!


I am not sure what to believe. Is COVID such an enormous threat to society? Does COVID justify the magnitude of publicity and such dramatic action? The media and governments seem to think so, but I am uncertain. I can’t stop myself from comparing global COVID fatalities to the numbers of lives lost annually to depression. I find myself questioning why government reactions appear so out of proportion, even wildly exaggerated in comparison to actions applied to contain other life threatening conditions.  


We all know that overuse of social media is one of the causes of growing anxiety and depression in adults and (even more worryingly) in children. Conditions under COVID are most certainly triggering extra worry, as well as driving many people toward even more social media use. The concerning thing is that if left unchecked, anxiety and depression may gain an even stronger foothold in our lives and the lives of our children.


For many people, constant companionship and social interaction makes them happy. I worry that the current social distancing practices and imposed social solitude could cause long-lasting discontent, therefore fuelling an increase in anxiety and depression.


What will the business and employment landscape look like post COVID? Will many companies collapse and will the survivors be forced to cut costs through reducing staff and/or initiating other radical measures? How will wide-spread business restructuring impact the economy, our livelihoods, and ultimately the human psyche?


Who stands to gain from this? The COVID crisis has already negatively impacted the vast majority of us economically. Those of us already living month-to-month may be forced to borrow money just to survive. Repaying loans (even under favourable terms) would be an enormous burden for many.


Shit happens, but it wasn’t us, it was them! How will the global populations’ perception change (consciously or unconsciously) toward the Chinese or other cultures whose governments didn’t appear to take quick steps to contain the virus? Will we judge or avoid them, therefore driving a wedge between us?  


COVID is causing me to become suspicious. I find myself distrusting and therefore avoiding strangers. Even people I know reasonably well are not immune to my feelings of doubt. Could conditions under COVID cause people to become more wary when interacting with others in the future?


I have found myself looking for ways to do things without interacting with others. I realise that the situation is driving me to become even more reliant on technology. The question is, how will increased dependence on the internet affect those already living their lives online?


At the time of writing this, there are signs of a slowdown in the number of reported cases and deaths. However, there is also talk of COVID spiking again this year and in 2021. 

What are the consequences of a prolongated lock-down? I can’t help but wonder if life after COVID will get back to the way it was? Or if the extreme circumstances we are all living through now could cause a lasting shift in our beliefs, behaviours, and emotions?


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