How are children coping with COVID restrictions?

Impact of COVID restrictions.

Life for our children during COVID bears little to no resemblance in comparison to their lives before.

The enormous trend toward “online time” and the significant decline in “face-to-face time” is unnatural for many of us.

I believe that COVID restrictions are weakening our psyche!

Most of us would like to think that we’re mature enough to get through this, but what about our children? They’ve been cooped up for months, exposed to the same disturbing news as the rest of us. There is no doubt that conditions under COVID are negatively influencing our children’s minds, even though we’ve done our very best to shield them.

Thankfully the very young are more or less safe, but what about our tweens and teens? They’ll be very aware of how things have changed, but they may not realise how the changes may be affecting them subconsciously. Understanding what they’re starting to believe about themselves and the world around them is important, more so today than ever before.

The more prolonged the COVID controls, the more urgent it becomes for us to protect our children from forming destructive patterns of thought and behaviour.

What can we do?

Asking our children what they think about their situation is important, but uncovering their feelings and emotions behind what they say is vital. We can learn a lot about their well-being from answers like, “there’s nothing to do”, “I want things to go back to normal”, “I’m bored”, “I miss my friends”, “I’m lonely”.

Regularly asking how they’re feeling about themselves and talking things through with them can give you an insight into their current state of mind and emotional needs. Most importantly, you’ll learn about their worries and be better prepared to support them.

It seems that protecting our children from low self-esteem or early signs of anxiety and depression is up to us because there are growing concerns that things won’t get back to normal anytime soon.

Building self-esteem and confidence together.

That’s where we come in, but your involvement, love, and support are needed too!

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