Covid divide

Covid divide – gaining momentum 

Have you noticed the rapidly developing Covid divide?

Pro jab versus no jab. Peoples’ beliefs are becoming entrenched, friendships are being tested, and segregation is growing.

I’m not advocating for or against the jab. I am simply suggesting that both groups are developing deeply held beliefs that they are right!

Each group is becoming wary of the other. Both believe they have made the correct decision.

Covid is driving a wedge between us and faith in our fellow human beings is diminishing.

Suspicion and distrust are being fuelled by the never-ending avalanche of contradictory news and widespread government propaganda.

Is it just me, or are you finding it harder and harder to know what (or who) to believe these days?

Covid divide – them or us?

Jab or no jab? That is the question.

These buses have left the station and most of us are on one or the other.

But, are we absolutely positive we have chosen the best path? After all, none of us can truly predict the future (we would be so lucky). Therefore, we board the bus that feels right for us.

At the end of the day, it’s a best-guess scenario, one based on our own thoughts and personal opinions. However, history proves that it could be years or even decades before the effects of a particular course of action are known. Remember, it took 15+ years before the undesirable side effects of social media emerged.

Covid divide – our relationships

The one thing that we can be relatively sure of is that the ongoing uncertainty stemming from Covid is unhealthy for us all. Regardless of which bus we’re on!

The constant media coverage over the past 18 months has influenced us all. Consciously and/or subconsciously. All the worries and social restrictions we’ve experienced have somehow established themselves within our psyche.

We’re becoming withdrawn and less trusting, but the worst thing is we no longer wish to hug or touch anyone other than our closest friends or family.

It’s like the unseen force you feel when two magnetic poles repel each other. No matter how hard we try to dismiss it, we feel compelled to keep our distance from others, especially those we don’t know.

There are more questions than answers. Negative emotions are on the rise and trust is in short supply.

Covid divide – our attitudes and emotions

Time moves relentlessly on and, with it, new thoughts and behaviours are solidified. We are changing whether we realise it or not. Bit by bit, day after day.

Am I the only one who finds myself asking questions about my own thoughts and feelings and not always liking the answers? I think not.

Are we becoming more accepting or more rebellious? Less optimistic, open, and trusting? How are these changes affecting us? Are they hindering or helping?

What could the long-term effects be? Will society experience a fundamental shift in behaviour and attitude?

If a documentary is made in 20 years describing how Covid has affected humanity, what would you expect it to reveal?

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