Cooking children’s confidence recipe!

A fun exercise for your child (and you). 

Cooking children’s confidence is like baking a cake! There are several ingredients, some are more important than others, and it needs the right amount of time to cook before it’s ready!

Those of us who regularly bake know how important it is to follow a recipe. We also know that keeping to the formula gives us roughly the same result every time! On the other hand, we realise that forgetting a key ingredient (like flour), under or overcooking, or messing up the quantities spoils our efforts!

Cooking children’s confidence works the same way! When a recipe is followed the results are often similar. But if things are missed out or mixed up, the outcome can be disappointing.

The purpose of this post is to give you a fun way to help your child learn a recipe to “cook their confidence”. But before you start there are a few things you should know!

Confidence is an outcome!

Several factors play a part in creating confidence.

Self-awareness helps children to recognise what skills they have, which in turn helps them to develop the belief in their own abilities. But that’s not all! Knowing themselves better helps them to learn what switches them on, what really motivates them and makes them happy. Therefore, the first step toward helping children to build their confidence is to help them discover who they are! One excellent way to help children understand their strengths and talents is through profiling. See an example here.

The success recipe exercise.

This recipe includes 5 vital ingredients. All five are like flour, if you overlook them confidence won’t rise!

  • Vision – If you don’t know who you are or what you want you can’t clearly visualise your future
  • Belief – If you don’t believe in yourself you will find reasons why you can’t do it
  • Desire – If you don’t possess desire you will not be motivated
  • Goal – If you don’t have a goal you won’t have a clear target to aim for
  • Action – If don’t take action nothing will happen

Teaching children the above recipe has the added benefit of getting them to think about their dreams and aspirations and start to define what they want to achieve in life.

Get the exercise, it’s free, easy to understand, fun and engaging for your child (and you).

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