Children’s self-awareness

No time to waste!

Recent research proves that developing children’s self-awareness can lead to improved prospects and greater happiness in adulthood. In other words, children who recognise their natural skills and talents are better equipped to achieve their goals.

It’s clear to grownups that self-esteem and confidence grow with each achievement. However, young people today may need help to discover and develop their skills faster and boost their self-esteem.

Understanding weaknesses are useful too because it gives children the opportunity to overcome them and broaden their horizons even more.

The challenge ahead

Most of us are aware that low self-esteem in children is spreading at an alarming pace, and 75% go without the early intervention they need!

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But most families don’t know who to turn to for help because schools aren’t yet equipped, and public services are already overwhelmed.

So it seems, at least for the immediate future that it’s up to us as parents to take action ourselves to shield and uphold our own children’s self-awareness and self-worth.

Learning to drive!

Developing children’s self-awareness is like learning to drive! At first, there are many challenges often leading to doubts about our abilities, but after practice, we jump in and drive away without thinking. The process children go through as they build their self-awareness is much the same.

That’s the way to do it!

At the very beginning of learning something new we “don’t know what we don’t know“, in other words, we’re all unconsciously incompetent!

Determined to learn, we get some lessons but make many mistakes. Therefore, our first realisation is that “we know that we don’t know”. Although it may not feel like it at that time, becoming aware of our own lack of knowledge is an improvement! At least we know what we need to work on!

As we get better and make fewer mistakes, “we begin to believe that we know how to do it“. Even though we still have to think about what we’re doing, becoming aware that we are capable is a major step forward!  This revelation boosts our confidence and rewards us with higher levels of self-motivation. In turn, our belief that we “can do it” inspires us to keep practising!

And this way, over time we become so experienced that we no longer need to think about our actions because “we are behavinginstinctively”. In other words, everything feels so natural to us that we do it unconsciously. For example, we arrive at our destination with no memory of the many steps we took to get there!  We have become unconsciously competent. 

Imagine how wonderful it would be if every child became aware of and developed their own inborn talents from an early age! The journey toward their “destination” would be far more enjoyable because they’d be practising what comes naturally to them!

Developing children’s self-awareness switches them on!

Helping children identify their natural skills and encouraging them to use them, will develop their potential.

It could reveal a real passion too!

The more children do what they love and the better they get at it, the more self-motivated they’ll be. The better they become, the more confident they’ll feel. The higher their confidence, the stronger their self-belief and self-motivation!

And, so begins the upward spiral of fulfilment and success!

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