Child development tools

It’s alive!

Wow, we’re excited because we launched our new child development tools for mums and dads today! 

Our mission is to: 

“Help you know and develop your child’s self-worth”. 

Today’s world is negatively affecting the development of children’s self-esteem and confidence. Many mums and dads don’t know who to turn to for help because public health services are overwhelmed and long waiting lists have developed. But the biggest worry of all is that currently, 75% of children go without the early intervention they need. This is a major concern because research shows that children who don’t get the appropriate support can develop long-lasting depression and anxiety in adulthood.

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Research that you can count on

Low self-esteem in children is spreading at an alarming pace, but we haven’t rushed our research or our product development. You can rely on our child development tools because every element has been proven and validated step-by-step then built on real conclusions that you can trust.

Child development tools for mums and dads

Today we’re very proud to offer you all the tools you need to start helping your child to build their self-worth straight-away. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve made them affordable for everyone. You can depend on them because they’re already proven to build self-confidence and raise aspirations too!

You don’t need to involve strangers or expensive experts either because we’ve included everything you need to do it yourself! On top of that, the whole thing is designed to be easy for you to help your child without leaving the security of your own home. This is important because your child will find it easier to relax and open up when they are in an environment that is familiar and safe.

They’ll feel stronger with your help!

There is no safer place than home and no one your child loves and trusts more than you, which makes you the ideal teacher and home the perfect classroom!

Our child development tools will help your children to navigate through these difficult times (and you’ll feel better equipped to support them too).

We’re sure our tools will help your family!

Start with our Free Child Self-Esteem Check. It’s the first step toward happier days for them (and you).

Free Child Self-Esteem Check


After all, you know them better than anyone!

The check is free. Your child is priceless!