Building children’s confidence

An elusive but vital necessity!

Confidence is a funny thing. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t! We can’t smell it, we can’t touch it, but we can see it. It’s an aura that surrounds us. When we have it we “feel” unstoppable, right?

It’s addictive in a good way, therefore the more we have, the more we want! With it, we believe in ourselves because we somehow “know” we can achieve without any concrete evidence. It’s a feeling of certainty!

We all need it and we all want it because it makes us feel good!

Building children’s confidence (& ours too)

So how do we get it? The answer is one dose at a time!

Most of us are very quick to tell ourselves what we did wrong! We must stop that because it isn’t helpful. There’s always something we can find that we did well in everything that we do! The “trick” is to identify these little things because they give us the opportunity to congratulate ourselves and encourage ourselves to do even better next time.

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Our happiness depends on it!

It’s known that those people who learn this essential lesson as a child lead happier more fulfilled lives in adulthood.

Confidence is the juice! It’s a positive natural energy that fills us up and gives us the strength to take risks and overcome our fears. As mums and dads, we have an enormous responsibility because building children’s confidence is our job. We want to fill our children up to the brim!

What about our child’s school teachers? Can’t they help? Well yes, they can and do, to a degree. There are thousands of brilliant positive teachers out there, but they each have hundred’s of children to support.

A little hope goes a long way!

Building children’s confidence is not as difficult as it seems, because it’s mainly common sense!

OK, we all know how tough it is to be optimistic when we’re down. That’s why we all need a “trick” that we can use in these moments. Even the smallest glimpse of light, a little hope, a positive word or thought can start us back onto the road toward feeling confident again.

Children who learn these tricks at an early age are much better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of life.

In essence, building children’s confidence is all about helping our children learn how to “trick” their own minds into believing that they can!

After all, feeling confident is much better than having doubts!

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