What is ezMe?

ezMe is a teaching / learning aid that uniquely connects self-skills assessment and development with study and career choice guidance. It encourages self-awareness leading to young people reaching more robust, realistic study, career and life choices.

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The ezMe package helps you learn more about young peoples' needs:

Receive a personalised behavioural and motivational profile for each young person connecting their unique skills, with ideal study and career options enlightening opportunities.

Use the filtering and reporting functions facilitating:

  • Discovery of individual or group learning needs in 12 soft-skill areas and the creation of printable name lists
  • Production of printable individual or group graphical images recording improvement in each soft skill area
  • Identification and grouping of young people by Primary Learning Style (PLS) supporting class group selection and linking teaching style with learning needs (printable).
  • A selection of nine downloadable soft-skill Teaching /Learning Experience modules


Help Young People Discover Who They Are

A selection of nine downloadable soft-skill Teaching /Learning Experience modules complete with detailed support in interpreting and applying the data, lesson plans and pupil worksheets e.g. ezAwareness, ezConfidence, ezBelief etc.

ezMe helps young people recognise their own behaviour, attitudes and interests and how they can use their natural characteristics to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Experience the ezMe profiles for yourself, download a free sample.