Free Child Mental Health Check

Knowing what’s bothering your child is the first step toward happier days for them (and you)

(after all, you know them better than anyone)


The check is free. Your child is priceless!


Step 1 – Sign up, it’s free!

Create your secure account & access our free child mental health check. Select the answer that best describes your child for each of the 36 low-esteem signs. You’ll immediately receive your child’s free report & we’ll email you advice, hints and tips too!

Step 2 – Review your child’s report!

Knowing what’s bothering your child & feeling better equipped to support them are the first steps toward happier days for them (and you). The good news is you’re not alone – our Mindscreen experience® tools will help you.

Step 3 - Fight child depression at home!

When you’re ready you can easily up-grade your free account to our affordable and effective Mindscreen experience® tools. You’ll get everything you need to support your child’s development at home, yourself.

Step 4 - See your child smile again!

There’s no need to involve strangers or expensive experts, because our fun Mindscreen experience® tools are easy-to-use for every parent. With your help your child will build their self-esteem & confidence. 

Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations

Kevin Lowden

Senior Research Officer, Robert Owen Centre For Educational Change, University Of Glasgow