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So you can build your child’s esteem & confidence yourself

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Unlike other child development organisations, Mindscreen gives you everything you need to build your child’s esteem & confidence yourself!

(it’s so easy, you’ll be able to start helping your child straight away)

Your child’s personality profile helps you understand & focus on their wants & needs

(A science made easy for every parent)

Everything’s simple and fun for children who have a reading age of 11+

Child personality profile

Discover in minutes what might normally take months or years. See an example

Removing barriers

Communication and connection with your child made easier.


Perfect for busy parents

The entire programme is clearly explained in simple terms.

Signing up

Very easy process. Immediate access to everything.

Peace of mind (for you)

No-risk money back guarantee. There’s no small print! Take a look

Impressive level of detail

Explore your child’s skills, wants and needs in-depth.

Teenage girl full of confidence

Safe at home

Fun learning activities in a familiar place, helping your child to relax and open up.

Extremely effective

Proven to build self-confidence and raise aspirations. See Proof

Very insightful & accurate

See what motivates and engages your child.


Choosing pathways

Help your child make better informed study, career, and life choices.

Fast results

Immediate engagement. Inspiring for your child and for you too.

Visual representations

A great way to see a wealth of information about your child quickly.

Tell me what's included
With Mindscreen experience® you get:
  • A secure, easy-to-use online account with everything explained in simple language
  • A 14 page profile all about your child, including:
    • How your child sees themselves
    • How they like to communicate
    • What their wants and needs are
    • How they prefer to learn
    • Tips to use their study time effectively
    • What their natural skills are
    • Which study & career paths are “ideal” for them
You get the following insights & tools too:
  • Tools to help you discover instantly if your child has low self-esteem & confidence
  • Tools to help your child build their self-awareness, esteem & confidence
  • Ways to help them discover their natural skills
  • Tools showing you how your child likes to learn and what motivates them to learn
  • Insights helping them choose study courses that maximise their skills
  • Insights to help them pick career paths which naturally suit them & they’re more likely to enjoy
  • Tools to measure improvements in their self-awareness, esteem & confidence
You also get these downloadable learning support materials:
  • 9 fun and easy-to-follow lesson plans full of exciting activities for them (and you)
  • 3 enlightening handouts describing why self-awareness, esteem, and confidence are important and how to build them
  • A 6 page booklet called Discovering More About Yourself & Others, further supporting your child’s self-understanding
Can I get my own profile too?
Yes. It’s a good idea to join in and get your own profile:
  • It’ll give you insights about yourself & how your child perceives you
  • You’ll see how you differ from your children
  • You’ll be better equipped to adapt toward the individual needs of your children
  • You’ll see the online questions before your child and know how easy they’ll find them. Just remember – you’ll be answering questions designed for children
If you have more than one child it’s a good idea to involve them all too:
  • Nobody feels singled out or left out
  • Your children will understand each other’s differences and get on better
  • They’ll be able to learn from each other
Remember to let your children know:
  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • There are no good or bad styles
  • Everyone is unique and different
Tell me how it works
Getting started:
  • An online questionnaire: especially designed to assess your child’s self-image, strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, behaviour, and motivation
  • A downloadable 14/15 page personal profile, summarising your child’s answers to the questionnaire:  explaining their skills, wants and needs and making concrete suggestions about how you can help them learn about themselves and grow
  • A graph highlighting your child’s natural skills and linking them to ideal study and career pathways. Helps them make better informed educational, work, and life choices
  • A graph describing how your child likes to learn and what motivates them to learn. Helps you better understand what makes them tick
  • A graph showing your child’s individual learning needs in 12 soft-skill areas, such as self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. You’ll quickly see where they need the most help

Helping them learn:

  • 9 easy-to-follow lesson plans that are ideal for home use. Each lesson plan is packed with simple, exciting, and effective activities to raise self-awareness and boost personal development

* easyAwareness
* easyBelief
* easyConfidence
* easySkills
* easyStudyChoice
* easyCareerChoice
* easyCV
* easyFuture
* easyFeedback


  • Each lesson plan has a corresponding learner diary. Helps your child to organise their thoughts and feelings and keep a record of their learning
  • You can also use the “handouts” and “Discovering More” booklet to help your child understand more about self-awareness, esteem and confidence, why these attributes are important, and how to build them
Showing them their progress:
  • The soft-skills questionnaire can be retaken at intervals to show progress. Your child will be encouraged as they see how far they’ve come and be motivated to keep going
Note for parents & carers:
  • You don’t need any specialist knowledge to understand the information in your child’s profile or to do the lessons with them. Everything is designed to be jargon-free and easy to use

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Learn how your child sees you at the same time as helping them develop! Get Mindscreen experience® for your child and for yourself too!

Developed with professional knowledge

Road tested by experts!

Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations

Kevin Lowden

Senior Research Officer, Robert Owen Centre For Educational Change, University Of Glasgow

Over ten years ago Mindscreen helped me identify personal strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to develop my own self-awareness. This has been a key factor in my success today.

Breige Swift

Former Pupil, Drummond Community High School

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Do you offer a guarantee?
  • We offer a “no questions asked” 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us, and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked

We’d like to help every child for free, but unfortunately our pockets are not deep enough! So we’ve done our best to build in real value and make Mindscreen experience® effective and affordable for everyone

What's your refund policy?
Our refund policy is simple:
  • Email us to request your refund
  • We process all refunds within 3 working days of receiving email request
  • We refund via PayPal (for all PayPal purchases)
  • We refund via bank-to-bank transfer (for all credit/debit card purchases)
  • Proven to build self-confidence 100% 100%
  • Proven to build communication and planning skills 100% 100%
  • Proven to heighten aspirations 100% 100%

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