Smart toolkit for teachers

Enlightening and developing pupil potential and well-being

Behaviour, motivation & skills insights

(informing personalised learning)


For pupils aged 11+

What’s in it for pupils?

Group of confident pupils who have developed because of their pupil well-being experience
  • Understand themselves & their skills 
  • Realise what motivates & inspires them
  • Build their confidence & esteem
  • Develop resilience & a “can do” attitude
  • Define their goals & aspirations
  • Get on the “right” path earlier in their lives

What’s in it for teachers?

Happy teacher using the pupil well-being toolkit to help a pupil develop
  • Uncover pupils’ inner thoughts & feelings
  • Get pupil well-being insights
  • Discover how they prefer to communicate
  • Learn about their emotional wants & needs
  • Identify their ideal study & career options
  • Develop deeper teacher-pupil connections

What’s in the toolkit for teachers?

Bright coloured tools - depicting the pupil well-being toolkit
  • Pupil behaviour, motivation & skills assessment
  • Self-awareness, esteem & confidence assessment
  • Learning style & needs assessment
  • 9 enlightening lesson plans & learner diaries
  • 3 guides & 1 booklet
  • A way to measure improvements in pupil well-being
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Pupils reported increased confidence, increased planning and communication skills and higher aspirations

Kevin Lowden

Senior Research Officer, Robert Owen Centre For Educational Change, University Of Glasgow

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