Why Use ezMe?

We all know the importance of helping young people to build up their self-image and confidence cannot be underestimated. It can be the root cause of sadness/happiness, poor performance/success, apathy/enthusiasm and can’t do/can do attitude.

Up until now young people generally become aware of, or reflect on their true characteristics and the ways in which they influence their success, after they have left compulsory education. ezMe can help young people become more self-aware at an earlier age helping them to make better informed study, career and life choices.

Young people - opportunities & benefits

  • An accurate personal profile for each young person describing his or her behavioural style, personal interests, attitudes and motivators in easy to understand language
  • Engaging and thought provoking because young people are responding to their own personally created data
  • Encourages young person self-reflection, self-understanding and self-development
  • Helps young people recognise which study and career pathways use their unique skills and supports them in making more robust, realistic study, career and life choices
  • Helps young people progress beyond compulsory education as socially, emotionally and financially independent citizens who are part of the workforce

Educators - opportunities & benefits

  • Positive effect on whole organisation morale - engages cross curriculum staff, youth workers, parents/carers and community learning and development team.
  • Helps tutors quickly identify individuals or groups by learning style and offer optimal learning conditions for selected young people
  • Helps educators quickly identify individual and group learning needs in 12 soft skill areas
  • Produce printable graphical images recording and measuring individual or group development in each of the 12 soft skills areas
  • Helps inform tutors to guide young people through important educational and career transitions
  • Supports improvement in attainment and destination statistics

Experience the ezMe profiles for yourself, download a free sample.